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Your comfort is our priority

Hotel Amer Palace

Welcome to the luxurious comfort of Hotel Amer Palace, Bhopal. Located next to city’s main centered public transportation, is only a fraction away from everything under Bhopal’s sunbeam. Being an incredible city by itself, Bhopal offers a lot to the people who belong here and also to the guests who simply wants to spend and breathe in the coziness of city of lakes.

An unbiased and uncompromising venture of Amer Group, Hotel Amer Palace has been proven to be the most sought out stay destination by many viewers. Stationed in the middle of a vibrant and multi-ethnic city that offers business and leisure travellers a stimulating and enriching experience. Systemized on 23rd January 1992, when Bhopal was in the verge of advance developments and only few companies were thinking to set their businesses here. Today, after so many good sound years; Hotel Amer Palace’s foundation remained erect and steadfast offering better services and hospitality, every time to whoever knocked our door.

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Our Vision

Create a unique experience that continuously exceeds the expectations of our guests; ensuring the balance between care, trust and socially responsible entrepreneurship, we ensure mutual benefits and continuity.

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Our Mission

We aim to deliver excellence with exceptional Indian hospitality and unique devise that brings immeasurable smile and satisfaction to all of our customers.